SPONSOR Media that helps charities and builds Brand Awareness BENEFITS of Sponsored Media Our producers specialize in high value, low budget Film & Television content that produces a consistent ROI.
cre8tive differences.
The Name Says It All.

We are changing the way Feature Films, Tele-Web Series', Shorts and Stage content are funded...a creative force spearheading the Sponsored Media movement in a huge way.

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At our core, Cre8tive Differences is a center for experienced Performing Artists, on both sides of the camera/stage, who have come together to create a full Studio System that takes advantage of today's "low cost frontier" in every way, allowing us to produce meaningful low budget, high production value content for global release across traditional and digital markets. Our producers and Artists are educated and experienced, with deep backgrounds in micro- to low- budget Film and Television production, coming from the ranks of Concorde-New Horizons (Roger Corman), PM entertainment, Propaganda Films, Artisan (IVE/LIVE Ent.), ABC Television and New Line Cinema.

Through our creation of the Digital Independent Studio System, our Studio maintains a full compliment of Production Equipment, to include several Red & Sony Camera packages, production sound, 5 ton grip/lighting package and more. We also provide locations, stages, transportation, office space, full post & distribution support -- everything needed to maintain a 100% start-to-finish Digital workflow, just about anywhere. We are a SAG/AFTRA and Equity producer.

BUT...none of this equipment and support matters without solid, high quality Artists in front of and behind the camera or on stage. This is where we shine. With almost 100 seasoned Film, Television and Stage professionals involved, our content is highly refined and 'scripted' for success, our stories are true-to-life and meaningful, our production process tight and efficient and our distribution hitting almost ALL markets globally. Whether we produce product around a Sponsor's Brand Awareness needs or, for Investors seeking product built to create an almost guaranteed ROI, Cre8tive Differences will deliver a superior product that can serve charitable and investment agendas equally.

Jim has recently completed the intensive one-year WGA Veteran's Writing Program, mentored and instructed by dozens of produced WGA writers and Industry professionals.
who's involved?
Great Group of Professionals.

Cre8tive Differences is a mix of veteran and young professional Artists coming together to create a working "studio" atmosphere where positive, meaningful "independent" content can be produced within a well groomed, time- and budget- efficient system.

Producer, Writer, CEO: Jim Peterson
When Jim, long time writer, producer and military Veteran, founded Cre8tive Differences, the vision was simple -- maintain a real, but mobile studio environment that produces meaningful content for national or global release, while serving charitable, and sponsor's, needs like never before. Over the past 5 years, C8D has produced several shorts, web series' and stage plays, raising over $40,000 in sponsorships and donations for our theatre, shorts and Cause Production proof of concepts; serving Veterans, LGBTQ, the elderly and many other charitable subjects through these products.

After 10 years working in the Studio systems, Jim partnered up with Independent film and television producers and was responsible for over $3 Million in 'independent' revenues, producing & distributing content for theatrical release, as well as syndication via outlets like USA Networks, Pay-per-View, TNT and UPN. Jim also produced content for film producer Robert Evans, Senator Phil Gramm, the White House, and was a personal biographer to billionaire Robert Lorsch. Behind the camera since he was 5 yrs old, Jim has mastered the art of creating high value, sellable product in a low budget environment.

You can see Jim in the NatGeo WILD Show "Second Chance Chihuahuas," a show he helped create and co-stars in.

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Serious Pros Doing Good Work
  • Greg Le Duc
    Camera/3D & Equipment professional of 35 years, writer of the feature film "Gridiron," and Owner/Producer of Le Duc Productions. Instrumental in maintaining our finely tuned below-the-line budgets. Expert in 4K+; 3D, camera and post solutions.

  • Advisor/Consultant. Expert in National and Global distribution for product in film & television markets and syndication. One of the original co-creators of Saban's Power Rangers and a distribution maven of over 30 years. One of our connections to all traditional markets, from theatrical to broadcast.

  • Laura Dash
    Stunt Woman & Actress of over 30 years. Networking and social media expert, Casting & PR. Excellent source for celebrity/marketable talent access. Currently starring in the NatGeo WILD show "Second Chance Chihuahuas". Her huge network and solid fan base are just one of many outlets we use for both casting needs and marketing.
Just some of the Talent that has shown support for our Performing Arts and Sponsored Media vision:
  • Mac Sinise. Actor and son of Gary Sinise.
  • Tyler Posey. Actor, Star of MTV's "Teen Wolf". Actor/Director.
  • Danielle Harris. Child Star and superb Actress of "the Last Boy Scout" and Rob Zombie's "Halloween" reboot; wishes to Direct.
  • Dee Wallace. Actress, star or "E.T." and "the Frightners". Has Supported our Education programs - Speaker/Mentor.
  • Kirk Baltz. Actor, starred in "Reservoir Dogs" and "Dances With Wolves". Also a speaker/Mentor. Actor/Director.
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